Ten Tools to Spice Up Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Lets face it - when it comes to marketing and PR, communicators today must be a jack of all trades. From writing, branding and blogging to social media and media relations, it's tough to keep up with traditional PR practices all while staying on top of new digital PR strategies.  Thankfully, the plethora of easy-to-use tools and tricks that exist today make it easy to turn a simple social campaign into a digital masterpiece. Build your brand’s digital content like a Coca-Cola or Microsoft with these ten free, easy-to-use tools.

1. Canva
For PR pros who lack graphic design capabilities but know what a great design is when they see it will love this free tool. Canva enables even the most creatively inclined professional to master beautiful social images, Power Point presentations, digital ads, brochures and logos. As one who loves graphic design, but never got the chance to hone my skills, I have spent hours using this little tool to spice up presentations and PR proposals. 

2. Easel.Ly 
Create beautiful and engaging infographics for free or choose from existing infographics to create engaging "link bait" and improve social engagement with Easel.ly. Sign up via Facebook too.

3. Pexels
Find professionally shot images to complement blog posts, spice up landing pages and microsites or use as backdrops for quotes and other social designs using Pexels. 

VSCO is one of my personal favorite photo editors. While it offers more advanced settings, anyone can turn an iPhone photo into a professionally shot image by using the automatic photo filters, cropping tools and other basic manual photo editing options. Get inspired by an exceptional community of professional photographers and designers too. 

5. Templated
For marketers looking to launch a microsite, choose from nearly 900 CSS and HTML sites on Templated - all easy to set up and created with a clean design and inspiring aesthetics. 

6. Logaster
Create professional looking logos for new product launches and programs using this free logo generator. For those on the edge, this Hipster Logo Generator is another great tool to craft a kitschy quick logo. 

7. Hashtagify.me
Nowadays, it seems that any social media research comes with an associated high cost. Not with Hashtagify.me. Look up top trending hashtags and other keywords associated with those hashtags to draft the perfect social content that’s sure to enhance your brand’s reach and engagement on Twitter. 

8. FollowerWonk
For the jack-of-all-trades professional looking to improve engagement and reach of their digital strategy, FollowerWonk lets you search keywords in bios of Twitter users and sort them based on their number of followers and reach. 

9. Hemingway App
This amazingly accurate content editing app helps PR professionals cut through the clutter in their digital content. Eliminate words, simplify sentences and reduce confusion so your audience takes away your brand’s message in minutes.

10. Headline Analyzer
This simple application will rank a blog post or digital ad headline based on its ability to evoke emotion or provide intellect, as well as explain what’s lacking. Copy past the last headline you write to try it out. 

Having the right tools to help improve a brand’s digital presence is important, but professionals must know what to do with these tools! Need help cutting through clutter and crafting beautifully designed digital masterpieces that speak to your brand and communicate your message? Let’s talk.