We're focused on empowering brands and entrepreneurs with the right message and story angles that drive action, turn visitors into buyers, news junkies into brand loyalists and keep customers coming back in a cluttered media landscape.

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you might be a curious entrepreneur, start-up or small business owner who is excited (or apprehensive) to finally have a PR budget - and you’re ready to use it. While business is great and there’s growth on the horizon, you still believe in business operations that include lean practices and innovative approaches.
You understand the value of PR, but the truth is - you’d rather pay someone to bring you qualified sales leads instead of fork out a stipend to a PR agency.

you’ve come to the right place

We are a start-up too, so we understand that every dollar spent really matters. Today’s highly digital landscape is not only forcing entrepreneurs and business owners to spend marketing money wisely, but to think differently about how to market their brand so they can stand out in a cluttered sea of messages and stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

From social media, messaging and media pitching, to blogging, website content, press release writing and event/product promotion, VKB’s mission is to help brands tell the right story, to the right audience, through the right channel.

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We consider all aspects of today’s PR practices - from traditional to digital - to ensure your specialized PR campaign includes all the right tactics to help meet your business goals and take your brand to the next level. Clients know exactly where each PR dollar is spent and understand how each tactic is helping to grow their business - every step of the way.




We believe that strength and innovation lie in our differences, not in our similarities. Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. Thankfully, Atlanta is full of creative millennial marketers who are passionate about their craft and motivated by results. We're focused on forming the right team of entrepreneurial enthusiasts who are nimble, creative digital natives and experts in your industry. Our synergistic approach and lean processes link business development goals to PR results. Most importantly, our team is dead set on impacting your bottom line.